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Re: [Debconf-team] volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.

in-line :-

On 30/04/2016, Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi shirish


Hi Bernelle,

> These are great points, and I agree that marketing such as this needs
> a lot of time, a solid supportive infrastructure (a good thing to
> market and good material to share), a budget, and I would add a
> professional marketing team. TBH the Debian community seems rather
> allergic to this sort of marketing so I've really backed off from this
> approach in general.
> I think for our purposes we are looking to find the few people who
> *really* like doing this, and that requires word of mouth. So all I'd
> want from you is an awareness that these initiatives are happening,
> and a willingness to engage people about it (and ask/tell us about
> questions, concerns, ideas - you seem really good at that! :)  ) but
> we'll chat.

no issues with that. The idea of taking interviews of Open Debian Day is
part of that. Let's say if there are say 10-12 unique art
installations, that would
mean at the very least 12 interviews which we would space out over
next 4-5 weeks
well beyond debconf putting up say 1-2 blog posts about the interviews a week.

Apart from that there would be any number of teams within the Debian
which will be
represented there. Learning about them, for instance my knowledge of
compilers and
CFLAGS is pretty limited and now that we have a few compilers in
Debian, it would be
interesting to know and share whatever information we are able to
know. For instance
the clang rebuild which Sylvestre Ledru started in 2012


is still not known to many people within the Debian community, forget outsiders.

And like this there probably are many big and small initiatives being
taken by the
community which isn't known to the Debian community itself as well as the wider
community around it. I would also be able to ask basic, silly
questions which people
don't, either for the fear to appear un-informed or they are informed
and presume that
other people would know it as well . I don't know about other places
but at least in India,
the knowledge of people who know about free software intimately and
those who don't
know even the basics or are afraid is a wide gulf. So all my attempts
would be to make
those gaps smaller even though they might not help so much the
advanced user. That
should help both newcomers to Debian as well as something everybody
can re-use to make
Debian feel welcoming to newbies, probably part of outreach which will
need help of
both Press and the outreach team (I do remember reading about such a
team way back)

I don't remember the name of the package (think it was one of the
fortune ones) but when I was a newbie (still am in many aspects),
there was a package on the shell which used to give tips. It was
useful for something 3-6 months after which it was giving the same
tips over and over again.
There was also a similar web-service that I remember but that also
didn't work long. Maybe if we
ask enough people at the conference, that could be revived along with
some commits from
different teams.

There is another way I would like to help in case I'm part of the
debconf (this time purely selfish
reasons). I do remember reading that some teams also do some sort of
small cooking. As I have
just discovered mexican cuisine few years back (nachos with different
sauces mainly, and couple of other dishes I don't remember atm) I
would like to offer my services to cut veggies and stuff
and learn if there are any vegetarian mexican cooks and lovers while
helping conversations happening in those team/s, I would strictly be
in the cutting phase as have no idea of the different taste buds where
multiple nationalities are concerned (so would be safe). Having some
experience and some recipes for me back-home would be good to cook for
self :)


> Our biggest note is the R200 note, and while you might struggle to pay
> for parking with it, most other things are fine. Don't show your
> entire stash of your month's salary in cash, but I'd think you won't
> do that anywhere ;)

Thanx, that helped quite a bit. Hopefully this bit of information would be added
to the money FAQ as well, should help people who are new to the country.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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