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Re: [Debconf-team] volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.

In-line :-

On 29/04/2016, Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi shirish

Hi Bernelle,

>> I decided to give the IRC way a miss for number of reasons :-
> that's fine :)


>>> I am involved with the Open Weekend [2], and could use help in two
>>> areas:
>>> 1. Information Art Exhibition - using Debian to make art, in any way
>>> (posters, graphics, knitting, 3D printing, anything!)
>> Do you have somebody who is dedicated to interviewing people, asking
>> their motivations why they chose to do whatever art installation they
>> did and from where they got the inspiration. If I am there, I would be
>> interested to document it either via my blog or document it on a
>> debconf blog after somebody proof-reads it as I'm not an native
>> english speaker/writer.
> That would be great! Would you mind if I contact you with ideas around
> marketing the concept, soon? Could you help with spreading the word
> and thinking it through?

No issues at all, you are welcome to connect off-list on this as well. I don't
think I will be good at 'marketing' as that means being more on social media
and just bombarding people with info. I'm not good at that.

I know of two social media campaigns, one was by Debian itself when jessie
was released. I read that it was mentioned something like 4-500 times in the
24 hours when jessie was released, probably with some of the new features that
were released alongwith jessie. As I'm always on a mixed release
(testing most of the times, with some packages from sid and 2-3 from
experimental) I didn't take interest on it. Although
did know that the message reached quite a number of people.

The other I had come to know is about is mozilla India when they did a privacy
month and had two teams who used to share tips on some aspect of firefox.

For instance, one would be about how to know if you are on secure page
(the lock icon)
on the URL bar

The other team would give a bit more info. about how you could
actually find more about
the cookie and certificate given by that site and know when it expires.

Having this sort of combination of tweets helped reach a big audience
but that happened over
months and years of planning and people in the mozilla-india/pune
community knew each other
for a long time ( at least 2-3 years) so there was quite a bit of
bonding between them.

>>> 2. The ShowMeBox initiative [3]
>>> These are still rather open-ended and could use input from people with
>>> experience mixing Debian work and play.
>> While I haven't used SBC's for anything more than running Debian off
>> it, I do know quite a few people who use foss libraries to interpret
>> and share interesting data points related to different opendata
>> initiatives by the Indian government. While the quality of stats vary,
>> people have been able to get some interesting data from them. I would
>> be meeting some of them this very week-end so could ask that then. If
>> things turn out well, I would use one of their presentations sharing
>> their contact details at the end, and I would just be a sort of
>> in-between person for the purpose of showing that data/visualization.
>> If that is ok, would pursue that.
> That's fine. We are still working on a good way to grow this concept
> organically. As above, if you're keen I'd like to stay in touch to
> discuss things.

Sure, no issues on that as well :)

>> Some thoughts on the videoteam -
> I've created a new thread for this.

saw that.

>> I was looking at the Transport part,
>> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Directions , there is talk of
>> the  'Jammie' shuttle service, what is not clear if that service is
>> supposed to be within the university campus only or would it extend to
>> getting people from the airport. That point needs to be clarified.
> I've made some edits here, please check if it's clear enough?

Yup, clear enough.

>> Lastly, on the Logistics part , it would be nice to have a bit more
>> information about money. There is almost no information about ATM's ,
>> International Debit Cards or any other alternative means which are
>> safe and secure which could be turned to liquid money should the need
>> arise urgently. The only part given in FAQ is the currency exchange
>> rate
>> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/FAQs#Money
> Good point. I've made some edits, please look it over.

Thank you. I am guessing that both Visa and Mastercard work, right.

>> Are there any tips when exchanging local currency to South African
>> Rand, what multiple is good so that it's useful but doesn't raise any
>> unnecessary eye-brows ?  This isn't meant to offend or hurt anybody
>> just being practical for the self.
> I'm confused what you intend here. We don't have a black market (that
> I know of ... yet ... ) where you can argue for different rates, so
> the currency exchange rates you see in web searches is what you get,
> plus the bank's mark up... Am I misunderstanding what information you
> need here?

I meant more in sense of being careful about money. For instance, here
in India,
if you take out funds in 100 Rupee notes, people around don't raise eye-brows,
but if you take out Rs. 500/- or Rs. 1000/- note bundles then you can count on
unwanted attraction.

There is another query which I will ask off-list.

>> Look forward to having more information on the above.
>> --
>>           Regards,
>>           Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल


          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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