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[Debconf-team] 'Press' page on DebConf16 website


1. Flyer URL:
DebConf16 website team: Can I get a URL for the flyer to send to
people please? There is one for the brochure but I can't find one for
the flyer.

2. Press page:
If this could be on a page dedicated for press, with a button in the
top menu, next to 'Get Involved' that would be great - Publicity team
to advise.

3. Press release & stock images
On this page we can also have a generic press release and links to
suitable stock images (e.g. from aigars) for anyone to use, with the
appropriate author and licensing indicated. Do we have a generic press
release (e.g. adapted from the mybroadband one?)

Please give input on the feasibility of these ideas, I will also set
it as an agenda item for Wednesday's meeting.


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