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Re: [Debconf-team] I get by with a little help from my friends


Thanks Allison.

I am involved with:

* Fundraising (but I don't have deep Debian or industry knowledge, can
only send emails, do grunt work - need more local 'insiders' here)
* Facilities: Accommodation, venue and food (need at least one other
person to be cc'ed in at all times to ensure continuity, currently
Graham and Stefano)
* Open weekend, incl
** ShowMeBox, and as it links to the
** Interactive Art exhibition (this has not shaped yet and has not
been advertised, any ideas, please take to a new thread).

Please note, things I am NOT involved with:
* Poker
* Team lead
* Any discussion around Debian, DebConf - aka the meta-discussions.
This is as it relates to -team only, and not to my involvement in the
Debian Publicity team.
* For the moment I am not actively attending weekly team meetings. I
can give status reports via Stefano.

It may be useful to take this thread into the direction of roles/tasks
still needed, as Joseph (and hopefully others) may be joining the team
soon in local capacity.


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