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[Debconf-team] [Mtl's bid team] Minutes from last meeting

Hi all,

Montreal's DC17 bid team had a nice presential meeting on Dec 22nd and
I'll try to summarize what was discussed.

The main point of the meeting was to present to everybody the current
status of our two main venue options: College de Maisonneuve and École
de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). Jerome (lavamind) is the main contact
with C. de Maisonneuve and presented the costs we'd have to host the
conference there. The discussion with C. de Maisonneuve is in a quite
advanced stage and we have already in hands details about prices,
procedures and restrictions. The related document will be available soon
in our git repository.

For details about College de Maisonneuve venue see

Alexandre Viau (aviau) is a new member in the team, and being a student
at ÉTS and member of the Maison du Logiciel Libre committee, will be our
contact with the École de technologie supérieure. ÉTS infrastrucutre
seems to be totally ok for hosting DebConf, and their strongest point
now is their intention to offer all facilities for free, incluing
security fees and so on.

For details about ÉTS venue see

Some actions that should be taken after this meeting:

- Alexandre will ask ÉTS an intention letter, saying that they want to host
  DebConf17 for free. That might be done in the middle of January.

- We need estimated costs for hosting attendees in hotels close the the
  venue. Jerome will check prices from Hotel Universel and Alexandre
  will check with Mariot. Tiago will ask old DebConfers some details
  about lodging, for instance an estimation of the amount of people who
  wouldn't be comfortable with our current indoor arragements.

- Alexandre and Jerome are the persons who will answers the questions
  realted to the venues in the dc-team list. Other generic questions may
  need a collaborative work by team members and we'll make it in the IRC

- Alexandre will check details about visa and for now he's the person
  responsible to collect information about this subject. Updates in the
  wiki may be needed.

- Pollo will keep poking Red Cross for equipment rental.

- Alexandre will contact Turisme Montréal to see what kind of assistance
  they can provide for an international conference like DebConf.

- Tiago will create a project (in Alioth?) for hosting our documents.

- At least 6 team members seem to be able to join DebConf16 in Cape Town
  and work close to the local organisers. They should add this
  information in the wikipage.

- We'll make a clearer comparative table in the wikipage for the two
  current venue options. We agreed that we won't make a decision now about
  which one is the main venue. We'll rather provide all the information
  for the DC commitee and discuss with them before making a choice.

- From now all team members should be subscribed to the dc-team list and
  should be present in the dc-team IRC channel.

- Tiago will add a section in the wikipage for people to add original
  ideas for DebConf17 in Montreal. Some really nice ones came up during
  the meeting but I'll let them to be elaborated in the wiki :)



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