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Re: [Debconf-team] minidebconf vienna 2016?

Hello chrysn,

as nobody replied you, I give you some hints (I never been a
mini-debconf organizer, so take it with a grain of salt).

On 16.12.2015 19:04, chrysn wrote:
> hello debconf team,
> a plan has come up during debconf15 to host a minidebconf in 2016 in
> vienna.


> from you who have experience in organizing debconfs and minidebconfs,
> i'd like to ask the following:

I think the first step is to contact Cambridge organizers
(https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/gb/2015/MiniDebConfCambridge) and
Debian France (https://france.debian.net/events/minidebconf2015/) to
have hints and ideas on how to organize mini-DebConf

[There was a lot more mini-DebConfs, so passing the list and check if
one other is more similar to the style you are preparing, e.g.
contacting Marga if you are targeting a specific topic (e.g. Debian Women)].

> * do you have a generic or previous checklist we can borrow items from?
>   (so far, we've drawn a great deal of inspiration from [2])

Check with other mini-debconf teams. It would be great to document more
the organization (and I think there are more documents, somewhat hidden)

> * whom do we need to coordinate with to make this a "real minidebconf"? 
> * whom do you think we should talk to / invite to participate in
>   planning? so far, the first people outside debconf organization we'd
>   talk to are video team (having streams would be nice), infrastructure
>   team (network / what do we need that the location won't provide), and
>   bursaries (is travel sponsorship generally an option for
>   minidebconf?).

It is your choice.

About infrastructure: mini-DebConfs are neraly independent to the
DebConf, so nearly all decisions and designs are done "locally".

DebConf usually provides webspace, infrastructure (mainly video-team
material). Debian provides mailing-lists, marketing/booth material (if
it still exists), and possibly some funds (IIRC travel expenses, if
there is also some important sprints).
And DebConf volunteers (and in general Debian volunteers) will surely
help you.
But AFAIK nothing formal from debconf-team (or debconfXY team) to

> * chances are we'll need to touch money, acquire sponsors, and find or
>   form a legal entity to organize this event. are there common pitfalls
>   to avoid, especially w/rt not getting in the project's way? is it
>   recommended to involve debian-project@l.d.o?

Also this should be discussed with other mini-debconf orga. Probably
debienna could handle the money and formal stuffs (if it is already a
legal entity).  If you will handle much of money or much flow from/to
Debian, probably applying to a Trusted Organization in better

> * do you have other input you want to provide for organizing a
>   minidebconf in vienna?
> * do you want to participate in organizing this event?
> * do i reach the right people for the above questions here? (i didn't
>   find a generic minidebconf list)

I hope other people will answers these questions.


> thanks for your attention
> chrysn
> [1] http://debienna.at/minidebconf_vie2016/
> [2] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010/ToDo

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