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[Debconf-team] minidebconf vienna 2016?

hello debconf team,

a plan has come up during debconf15 to host a minidebconf in 2016 in

the local team (basically the regulars of the "debienna" user group) is
currently going through possible dates and locations; we'll know more
tomorrow evening, but end of april or may are the dates we're looking
into; we are considering co-hosting with linuxwochen wien.

we are coordinating what needs to be done (and when) in our wiki at [1]
(please pardon our german). so far, we are planning for a four-day event
(two days minidebcamp, providing hackspace and seminar rooms for sprints
or working group gettogethers; two days minidebconf that in addition to
the minidebcamp has a track of talks) for a very rough estimate of
50-150 people.

from you who have experience in organizing debconfs and minidebconfs,
i'd like to ask the following:

* do you have a generic or previous checklist we can borrow items from?
  (so far, we've drawn a great deal of inspiration from [2])

* whom do we need to coordinate with to make this a "real minidebconf"? 

* whom do you think we should talk to / invite to participate in
  planning? so far, the first people outside debconf organization we'd
  talk to are video team (having streams would be nice), infrastructure
  team (network / what do we need that the location won't provide), and
  bursaries (is travel sponsorship generally an option for

* chances are we'll need to touch money, acquire sponsors, and find or
  form a legal entity to organize this event. are there common pitfalls
  to avoid, especially w/rt not getting in the project's way? is it
  recommended to involve debian-project@l.d.o?

* do you have other input you want to provide for organizing a
  minidebconf in vienna?

* do you want to participate in organizing this event?

* do i reach the right people for the above questions here? (i didn't
  find a generic minidebconf list)

thanks for your attention

[1] http://debienna.at/minidebconf_vie2016/
[2] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010/ToDo

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