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Re: [Debconf-team] Patch to DebConf orgateam structure

On 08/29/2015 03:01 AM, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> When I advocate for the local team it's not for these people, but for
> the volunteers that will show up along the way.  For those volunteers,
> joining debconf-team is traumatic. There's too many flamewars, too
> many things going on at the same time, and they have no idea how to
> fit into the already existing structures, they just want to help.

One thing we need to work on is reducing those flamewars. They're not
helpful to anyone. We absolutely need to improve communication and
collaboration in the whole team. Remember, long-term team members aren't
immune to being driven away by an unhealthy environment.

> We need those volunteers, we need to be able to delegate stuff towards
> them, otherwise the DC16 organizing team has too big of a burden.  But
> asking those volunteers to join debconf-team, follow the tons of
> discussions, follow the IRC meeting on #debconf-team, etc, has been
> proven to be too much. They just don't, which makes it much harder to
> integrate them so there's a high chance that you'll lose them.
> Of course, if any new recruits that join that local team feel like
> they want to integrate into the global structure they are totally
> welcome to join. It's not like being part of the local team precludes
> taking part in content, fundraising, or any other teams. It's just
> that it's not a pre-requisite to understand and fit into the structure
> in order to volunteer for working towards DC16.

That point was mentioned too. But again, all that requires is for local
members of the DebConf team to make local volunteers feel welcome.
Defining a "local team" doesn't help with that.


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