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Re: [Debconf-team] Patch to DebConf orgateam structure

On 08/27/2015 01:31 PM, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> DC16 team, can you please elaborate on this?  I've been a fierce
> supporter of the existence of the local team, as it gives people that
> are local and are new to DebConf a space to which they can feel like
> they belong and in my experience it makes for a much better DebConf if
> there's an involved local team.  I'd like to hear your reasons for not
> wanting a local team.

The chairs presented the idea of establishing a "local team" to the
group of us who currently live or have lived in Cape Town. They gave a
list of supporting reasons, and we all discussed them. Our responses
roughly came down to the following, and we all left the meeting with a
feeling of relaxed and happy consensus.

- The distinction between local and global is an artificial one, and
causes unnecessary tension. We are one unified DebConf team. Some people
have more or less experience with DebConf, and some people live in
closer or more distant proximity to the physical location of DebConf in
a particular year. We (CapeTownians) consider several members to be part
of "our" team, even though they've been organizing DebConf for many
years and have never been to Cape Town. Likewise, there shouldn't be any
obstacle to any individual participating in any subteam of DebConf, no
matter how experienced they are or where they live.

- One supporting reason was to improve collaboration between new/local
DebConf team members and experienced/global DebConf team members, but
splitting off a "local team" doesn't actually solve that. We'd prefer to
solve the problem by working on communication and collaboration as a
unified team.

- Another supporting reason was to give an identity to "local" folks,
but we're quite happy with the identity of "DebConf organizers".

- Another supporting reason was to clearly define who would be working
on social activities like the day trip and evening events, but there's
no reason that has to be exclusively local people, so it made more sense
to just create a Social Activities team. We had a similar conversation
around budget and facilities, where it makes more sense to combine
people with varying levels of experience and proximity, rather than
artificially segmenting the work.

Chill out, feel the beat of the African drums, pour a glass of Pinotage,
and join the fun. It's going to be a great year. :)


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