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Re: [Debconf-team] Draft invoices from the youth hostel

Hi Martin,

Am 28.08.2015 um 14:29 schrieb martin f krafft:
We've negotiated all morning over these and I think they're mostly
fine now, but it would be nice if you could have a look to see if
there's anything that jumps into your eyes.

I double-checked what I could from the contracts checked into git.
The conference room rates / flat rate during DebCamp I couldn't confirm from the contracts but they look reasonable.

The counts for nights and meals are also inline with the attendance as much as I can confirm that.

The line item "Betten Exklusivnutzung" (code 697) looks a bit debatable as we have been ~8 under 350 beds for the 21->22 and I'd argue the 22->23 wasn't exclusive use anymore as non-Debian people were in the venue when we packed up. So the venue probably ended exclusivity 23.08.15 00:00 and we could argue the same.

Everything else looks fine.

All in all this venue was great value for the money, so thank you very much for your negotiation skills and endurance.

Greetings from Spain,

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