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Re: [Debconf-team] Draft invoices from the youth hostel

also sprach Daniel Lange <dl.ml1@usrlocal.de> [2015-08-28 17:41 +0200]:
> I double-checked what I could from the contracts checked into git.
> The conference room rates / flat rate during DebCamp I couldn't confirm from
> the contracts but they look reasonable.

They're in the contract (not the addendum), but they're accurate.
Only during DebCamp is it a bit off (150 €), because we did not book
Lissabon and yet they gave it to us. And we ended up using it, so
all's well.

> The counts for nights and meals are also inline with the
> attendance as much as I can confirm that.

Thanks for checking.

> The line item "Betten Exklusivnutzung" (code 697) looks a bit
> debatable as we have been ~8 under 350 beds for the 21->22 and I'd
> argue the 22->23 wasn't exclusive use anymore as non-Debian people
> were in the venue when we packed up.

Well, the contract did go until departure on 2015-08-23, and even
though some external people arrived at the venue before 10am, we
were alone during the night. I had even told them that we could
consider letting other guests in for the Saturday night (when we had
far less than 350 beds still in use), but we mutually agreed that we
should just not go there.

Also, please remember that the "Exklusivnutzung" refers to the
average. Initially, the deal was that we'd have to pay 350 beds each
night, plus whatever we use on top, but we managed to convince them
that 300 beds on one night and 400 on another would be fine too. If
that hadn't been the case, we'd have been paying about 150 beds just
for the last night … compare that to paying 180-something beds

Thanks for your feedback. I do feel very comfortable with what we
have, but more eyes never hurt.

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