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Re: [Debconf-team] Spending Debian money on travel sponsorship (was: Timeline changes proposal for DC16)

On 25/08/15 at 15:24 +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> During early DC15 discussions, you didn't want to set aside even as
> much as 5k for our idea of "assured travel sponsorship". We ended up
> boosting the travel sponsorship budget by 3k out of our own cash
> flow. Bursaries worked within this budget, and I think they did
> a stellar job. They would have been able to fly in even more people
> ("say no fewer times") if we had given them some of Debian's money,
> but we did not. In the end, the process was over, the decisions
> made, and some people couldn't be accomodated. It was too late,
> I think, at this stage to ask for money from Debian to accomodate
> more.

That's just wrong. I've always been open to bursaries asking for more
money [from Debian] if they felt it was necessary to sponsor more people
that what they were able to. Someone made the decision not to ask the
DPL for additional funding after the ranking was made by the bursaries.

I'm sorry that you decided to write the budget in stone, because you
felt that it was necessary for the bursaries to work, while it wasn't
from my POV, given what I wrote in 


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