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Re: [Debconf-team] [Coordination] Timeline changes proposal for DC16

Hey everyone,

Thanks a lot for the interest and the support shown in this thread.

It does seem that we are mostly in agreement regarding the timeline.
It seems that we mostly need a better name for "pre-registration", and
there are some doubts about the month for bursaries being or not
enough time (it seems to me that it was enough this year, so I'd aim
for the same next year, but we can tweak it in the future if we decide
we really need more time).

I'll turn this into a wiki page and any further changes can be done there.

Regarding the rest of the messages in the thread, there are many
things that we may want to modify / tweak / improve about DebConf, but
please let's do separate threads for each thing. i.e. a separate
thread for fundraising, another one for DSA budget, another one for
whether shipping vs buying video equipment makes sense, another one
for whether we require some monetary commitment from people, etc.



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