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[Debconf-team] Spending Debian money on travel sponsorship (was: Timeline changes proposal for DC16)

also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> [2015-08-25 11:48 +0200]:
> > Note: food and accommodation is really a yes/no.  But travel
> > sponsorship, which requires a lot more money, is much more
> > difficult. We will not have enough money, IMHO, for most of the
> > requests.
> Really? Debian currently has >$300k in reserves. If it's important
> for Debian to have more sponsored attendees, it probably makes
> sense to increase the amount of money we use for that. And then it
> would become the Debian project's problem to raise more money on
> a regular basis (but we do have ideas about that, such as moving
> from DebConf-targeted fundraising to Debian-targeted fundraising,
> and it's likely that there's quite a big margin between what we
> currently raise and what we could raise with a more organized
> fundraising infrastructure).

This is only an inkling I have, but I think that part of the reason
why we as Debian fail at spending money is that we are conservative
of the reserves we have.

During early DC15 discussions, you didn't want to set aside even as
much as 5k for our idea of "assured travel sponsorship". We ended up
boosting the travel sponsorship budget by 3k out of our own cash
flow. Bursaries worked within this budget, and I think they did
a stellar job. They would have been able to fly in even more people
("say no fewer times") if we had given them some of Debian's money,
but we did not. In the end, the process was over, the decisions
made, and some people couldn't be accomodated. It was too late,
I think, at this stage to ask for money from Debian to accomodate

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