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Re: [Debconf-team] About swimming in Neckar

On 14027 March 1977, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> Don't tell me that such "warning" will prevent you from swimming in
>> Neckar. In about every DC location I've been at and where you were, I
>> saw you swimming (usually at hours that the average geek would call
>> "crazy"), so I can't even imagine that Andreas won't swim at
>> DC15....:-)
> Sure I'll swim in Heidelberg.  But other people should simply have a
> chance to draw an educated decision to follow me or not.  In any case
> I'll not create a beach map as in 2013 since I think it is not a good
> idea to drag in people when officials think it is not a good idea.

Just from looking at the Neckar here and what kind of boats / ships pass
by, crazy would be the most polite description I would attach to people
swimming there.

bye, Joerg

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