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Re: [Debconf-team] About swimming in Neckar

Quoting Andreas Tille (andreas@an3as.eu):
> Hi,
> I vaguely remember that somewhere on a debconf list was mentioned that
> you can go swimming in the nearby pool or in Neckar.  Since I'd like
> to go swimming everywhere I checked the Neckar-Option and found the
> following German information:
>    http://www.rnz.de/nachrichten/metropolregion_artikel,-Gesundheitsamt-raet-vom-Baden-im-Neckar-ab-_arid,112400.html
> which says "rather don't go swimming in Neckar".  I'm not sure whether
> this will keep me outside but I think we should somehow provide this
> information to the DebCOnf attendees to make at least an informed
> decision.

Don't tell me that such "warning" will prevent you from swimming in
Neckar. In about every DC location I've been at and where you were, I
saw you swimming (usually at hours that the average geek would call
"crazy"), so I can't even imagine that Andreas won't swim at

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