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Re: [Debconf-team] Subsidised bar prices

2014-09-04 16:24 GMT-06:00 martin f krafft <madduck@debconf.org>:
also sprach Judit Foglszinger <fgrfgr@freenet.de> [2014-09-04 13:27 -0700]:
> > (and the outcry at DC13 was related to the general situation)?
> In this regard, I don't see much difference in the swiss and the
> Heidelberg setting; there is no choice, where you have a drink. In
> Heidelberg the hostel even forbids aggressively to bring in own
> food or drinks.

I would not call it aggressive, but yes, that is the policy. They
will only enforce it, if there are problems, I think. Don't quote me
on this.

Jelou family!

Is this policy definitive? When was this decided?


Marcelo Gutierrez
Team POSOL http://podcast.softwarelibre.org.ni
Linux User: 448194
> > Obviously I am asking in the context of DC15, where the options are
> > going to be lower. At 3€ (~$4) per beer on-site, need we even plan
> > for drink subsidies?
> At least the bar should not try to make money from selling drinks
> and clearly communicate this ("Yes, it's expensive, but that are
> our costs").

The bar will be run by the hostel and while I can't see them making
a real profit off this, they will have to pay the bartenders and
they do have to charge for energy, cleaning, dishwashing and use of
their glass- and silverware. They might make a small "profit", but
given the price, I can't imagine that they'll get rich.

> Also a free option would be nice (even, if it's just tap water),
> so that everybody can go to the bar and have a drink.

Yes, I am sure we can/will have free non-alcoholic drinks beyond
water, such as juice or tea and coffee etc.

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