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Re: [Debconf-team] Subsidised bar prices

> At DC13, where a drink was to cost 4 CHF (~$4.50), there was an
> outcry among the participants, resulting in the subsidy of drinks at
> the bar by the organisers.
Before the subsidy (and also after),
the bar was providing free ice tea (and tap water) for self service,
so nobody got excluded.
Of course, the subsidy made everyone very happy ;)

> What happened this year? The prices at the Rogue¹ were higher than
> in Switzerland, and yet, the bar was generally full, and plenty of
> us went to town, where the prices weren't cheaper.
Not everyone went drinking to Rogue or another pub,
but there where also other options at the night hack lab,
namingly rakia and 5th floor party.

> (and the outcry at DC13 was related to the general 
> situation)?
In this regard, I don't see much difference
in the swiss and the Heidelberg setting;
there is no choice, where you have a drink.
In Heidelberg the hostel even forbids aggressively
to bring in own food or drinks.

> Obviously I am asking in the context of DC15, where the options are
> going to be lower. At 3€ (~$4) per beer on-site, need we even plan
> for drink subsidies?
At least the bar should not try to make money from selling drinks
and clearly communicate this ("Yes, it's expensive, but that are our costs").
Also a free option would be nice (even, if it's just tap water),
so that everybody can go to the bar and have a drink.

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