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Re: [Debconf-team] Getting the network running

On 05/29/2014 04:23 PM, Gerald Turner wrote:
> Kees Cook <kees@debian.org> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I'm still trying to get PSU nailed down as far as what they can
>> provide (though I have a good idea based on other events and
>> people). It will be a class B IPv4 network to wired ports in our
>> conference rooms.
>> This means we need to supply everything else (WAPs, switches, etc). I
>> figure we'll need at least 3 WAPs in the conference area itself, and
>> similarly one for each of the hack rooms. What kind of switch density
>> is needed in the hack rooms?
>> Besides zobel, who can help me get things configured?
>> Does anyone have leads on where to get equipment?
> Hi Kees,
> I have friend that's offering to loan a bunch of gear left over from a
> warehouse tear-down that his work performed last year.  The equipment
> was originally installed in 2009, so probably no fancy 802.11n/HT.
>  * Several Motorola WS5100 controllers.
>  * Couple dozen (or more) AP-300 access points.
>  * Bunch of Cisco Catalyst 2960s and some 3560s (non-GigE) but they all
>    have at least two 1gbps ports.
> The gear is in Tualatin, perhaps I could go pick up a controller and an
> AP and bring it to Lucky Labs next Tuesday so we can observe whether
> it's too enterprisey.

Hi Kees,

On the other end of the spectrum...  I have some misc. consumer gear I
can bring if it helps.  At least a couple 4-port wi-fi ap/routers (one
b/g, the other b/g/n; I think they both run dd-wrt or similar) and an
8-port GigE switch.

I'll set them aside in case we need them for something ad-hoc.

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