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Re: [Debconf-team] A proposal about scheduling for DC14

On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 01:34:58PM -0700, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> It doesn't look like we yet have a shape for how the days should be laid
> out over the conference. Steve put forward a strawman in

> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20131001.175026.0a50b91b.en.html

> and AJ countered in:

> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20131002.135054.6fb41220.en.html

> I'd like to suggest something that's a bit of a mix, as I think there
> are good elements in both.

Thanks for driving this discussion, Jonathan.  I wasn't sold on AJ's
proposal; I understood where he was coming from, I just found that my own
preferences for the size of blocks of hack time vs. talk time were different
than his, and was also concerned that loading all of the talks at one end of
the schedule might lead people to choose to spend less time at the
conference by coming only for the talks, thus cheating themselves out of the
"full" experience which was an explicit goal of mine in proposing the mixed
DebConf schedule.

I think your proposal, which would include BOFs during the hack days and the
closing plenary at the very end of the week, is a good way to tether the
conference together and is a reasonable compromise between my and AJ's
proposals.  So +1 from me for this.

> My understanding is that we're having 2 meals on the weekends, so a
> later brunch. I don't know what exact timings of meals are expected to
> be but am assuming roughly 12->1:30 for lunch, and dinner at 6->8, with
> the brunch probably 10->11:30 or a bit later? That probably means we can
> fit 2 talks into the morning (with a 10am start) and 4 into the
> afternoon (allowing for a mid afternoon break as well).

FWIW the information I have from PSU is that brunch will start somewhere
between 10 and 11.  I don't know to what extent we'll have control over
these meal schedules, or what the schedule will be; I'll take this up with
my contacts at PSU.

> Fri, August 22:		Arrival day. Dorm check in available after noon.
> 			Minimal hacklabs. No talks.
> Sat, August 23:		First day of conference. Opening immediately after
> 			brunch. Slots for 4 talks afterwards (inc DPL).
> Sun, August 24:		Full day of talks; start post brunch, 15 slots.
> Mon, August 25:		Full day of talks. 18 slots.
> Tue, August 26:		Full day of talks. 18 slots.
> Wed, August 27:		Day trip
> Thu, August 28:		Hack day. BOFs either side of lunch (6 slots).
> Fri, August 29:		Hack day. BOFs either side of lunch (6 slots).
> Sat, August 30:		Hack day. BOFs post brunch (3 slots).
> Sun, August 31:		Last day of conference. Post brunch lightning
> 			talks (1hr30?), closing plenary, done by 4pm.
> 			Hacklabs open.
> Mon, September 1:	Leaving day. No hacklabs, leave rooms by noon.

> I think the important people who need to say that this works for them
> are the talks and video teams. Getting a quick agreement on this will
> help those trying to get their tickets booked; I will assume if I don't
> hear anything in the next week that this works for everyone.

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