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[Debconf-team] DC14: setup team, sponsorship, and volunteers: how to decide?

Hi all,

For DC14, we have budgeted for 20 people for two days for the pre-conference
setup.  I think it's time for us to start pinning down who should be part of
this setup team.  Like every year, we have many people applying for travel
sponsorship identifying themselves as volunteers, and the bursaries team
does not have enough information on their own to rank these requests on
behalf of the larger DebConf team.

This year, as mentioned previously, we also have a lot more requests for
sponsorship than we have funds to pay for them (almost 50% more).  This is a
good problem to have, but it also means that funding travel for 20 people
for the setup is going to eat roughly 40% of the travel sponsorship budget
- so we should make sure that this sponsorship is going to the right people.

How do we want to go about ranking these volunteers, so that the bursaries
team can make an informed decision?  Should all volunteer requests be
discussed publicly on this list?  (I guess some people would not be
comfortable with this.)  Is there someone who feels they are in a position
to speak for the relevant teams, to tell bursaries who are highest priority
in terms of their contributions to the team?  (I think the relevant teams
would be video, network, and frontdesk; not sure if there are any others.)
Should this be decided by the DebConf chair, the DebConf committee, or by
last year's team (who may be in the best position to provide feedback on
particular volunteers' past contributions)?

Since we're aiming for bursaries decisions to be done a week from today,
I'd appreciate it if people could provide input on this ASAP.

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