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Re: [Debconf-team] DC14: setup team, sponsorship, and volunteers: how to decide?


> For DC14, we have budgeted for 20 people for two days for the pre-conference
> setup.  I think it's time for us to start pinning down who should be part of
> this setup team. 
> (...)
> This year, as mentioned previously, we also have a lot more requests for
> sponsorship than we have funds to pay for them (almost 50% more).  This is a
> good problem to have, but it also means that funding travel for 20 people
> for the setup is going to eat roughly 40% of the travel sponsorship budget
> - so we should make sure that this sponsorship is going to the right people.

Umh... Although this does not sound *so* wrong, I would prefer to see
the percentage go down. Of course, I suppose not everybody who intends
to arrive early for the pre-conference is requesting travel
sponsorship, right? Of course, food+accom should be covered anyway,
and that's not a trivial amount... ButI guess that it's quite less
than the full airfare.

> How do we want to go about ranking these volunteers, so that the bursaries
> team can make an informed decision?  Should all volunteer requests be
> discussed publicly on this list?  (I guess some people would not be
> comfortable with this.)

If by "this list" you mean debconf-team, I don't think it
should. Maybe the bursaries should discuss this with people planning
to lead the pre-conference setup in the different areas, to be sure of
whom to count as "most important" for each team.

> Is there someone who feels they are in a position to speak for the
> relevant teams, to tell bursaries who are highest priority in terms
> of their contributions to the team?  (I think the relevant teams
> would be video, network, and frontdesk; not sure if there are any
> others.)  Should this be decided by the DebConf chair, the DebConf
> committee, or by last year's team (who may be in the best position
> to provide feedback on particular volunteers' past contributions)?

I guess team heads are roughly identifiable by now. I would turn to
them. And use that as a guidance (although not a 100% decision) for
the Bursaries to debate+decide.

> Since we're aiming for bursaries decisions to be done a week from today,
> I'd appreciate it if people could provide input on this ASAP.

Thanks a lot for pushing this topic (and all of the others!)

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