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Re: [Debconf-team] Request to Adjust Budget for Social Events

On 2014-05-02 20:19, Steve Langasek wrote:
Summary: the overall budget hasn't changed, we're simply proposing to move money from one line item to another within the "social events" budget.

Note that, as of today, we have enough committed sponsorship to fund the conference dinner even at the higher price, but do not yet have enough to fully fund both the conference dinner and the daytrip even with the reduced

So as soon as we have approval of this budget change, Patty can move ahead with reserving the conference dinner space. Moray, can you please review
this change and see if you approve?

If other items in the budget/fundraising don't go to plan, up to when could we cancel the dinner without losing the full price (or a high portion of it)? And up to what point can we adjust it for a smaller number without losing money?

But, yes, in itself this adjustment sounds fine to me, merely changing figures between items to match up with the reality of what's available. I would only note that actual spending of funds on budget items should be done in the order agreed in March.


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