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Re: [Debconf-team] Request to Adjust Budget for Social Events

Summary: the overall budget hasn't changed, we're simply proposing to move
money from one line item to another within the "social events" budget.

Note that, as of today, we have enough committed sponsorship to fund the
conference dinner even at the higher price, but do not yet have enough to
fully fund both the conference dinner and the daytrip even with the reduced

So as soon as we have approval of this budget change, Patty can move ahead
with reserving the conference dinner space.  Moray, can you please review
this change and see if you approve?  I think chair signoff is sufficient
here so I haven't cc:ed the DPL, but if you feel otherwise we can loop him

Also, contrary to Patty's estimates below, our budget assumes a maximum
per-day attendance at the conference of 280 people: we may hit the 300 mark
in terms of overall attendance, but not on any given day.  So I don't think
we should be budgeting for 300 people at the conference dinner.

The adjusted numbers I come up with are:

                   Original      Proposed          Net adjustment
Conference dinner     $5600         $9500                   $3900
Day trip             $14784        $10884                  -$3900
Total                $20384        $20384                      $0

As Patty says, we should leave the balance with the day trip for now, in
case something else changes between now and the conference.

On Thu, May 01, 2014 at 05:44:57PM -0700, Patty Langasek wrote:

> I made a couple of pretty awful mistakes when estimating the day trip and
> conference dinner. I'd like to transfer a little of the budget from the day
> trip to help fund the conference dinner.

> == The Good == 

> The good news is that the day trip is going to be *significantly* cheaper
> than we'd estimated (owing to the fact that we only need to hire coaches and
> get a park permit for a picnic and we expect DDs to entertain themselves in
> the meantime).

> == The Bad ==

> The bad news is I woefully underestimated how complicated it is to feed 300+
> people in one sitting. So, ah, my estimates of how much it would cost were
> pretty off base. By a lot. Whoops. 

> == The Ugly ==

> Because early fund-raising efforts were indicating we probably wouldn't get
> either the day trip or conference dinner (let alone both!) funded, I didn't
> put much effort into correcting the budget.  The numbers total were pretty
> close to what the combined events would be, but I have been asked to discuss
> adjusting the line items and make sure everyone is happy with the costs
> since our fund-raising efforts are very likely going to make these events
> possible.  (Go sponsorship team!)

>     So, for the Daytrip, we'd budgeted $14,784 USD

> If we took EVERYONE on the Daytrip, we'd need 6 coaches (this is a gross
> over-estimation; not EVERYONE ever goes on the Daytrip, and I sincerely
> doubt EVERYONE will go on the Daytrip this time, either, though I've been
> very wrong about this in the past[0]), for a total of $5,000 USD, plus a
> park permit[1] at $310 USD.  Lunch is already factored into our conference
> meal plan (we'd get sack lunches from PSU).

>     I estimate our Daytrip to cost $5310 USD, which is -$9474 USD of budget.

I'm assuming this is 50 persons / coach.  If we have a max of 280 people/day,
and at least 30 people opt out of the day trip, that brings us down to 5
coaches.  Where does that bring us to, for the day trip costs?

(This doesn't change the budget reallocation question, I'm just trying to
get a sense of where we are wrt funding and get a tighter estimate)

> I'm trying to get a hold on one of our local chain breweries that has some
> pretty awesome event spaces[2], and was told that dinner through them would
> be $33 per person.  If we meet a certain minimum (which we would exceed)
> with our food costs, the rental space would be covered.  They have some
> potential concert conflicts the week of our conference, so if I'm going to
> try to get a hold on the facility, I need to act *very soon*, or go to my
> Plan B (which is still in development stages).  Please note that our meal
> contract with PSU assumes we will have one main dinner off-site.  If we end
> up not having a conference dinner, our food costs will be over-budget
> (slightly).

I'm not sure what you mean here.  The budget took into account both
configurations, and assumed money would be moved from the food budget to the
conference dinner budget only once the conference dinner was funded.

>     The conference dinner, we'd budgeted $5600 USD 

> Assuming 300 people for the conference dinner, $33/person would be $9900.
> Because the facility is a bit out of the way, we may also need to
> investigate hiring a coach (or 2) or investing in public transportation
> tickets to get people there (it's a 20 minute walk otherwise).

We should try to pin this down concretely.  Trimet tickets for 280 people
come to $1400, which is not trivial.  We can assume some people will choose
to walk, regardless of what transportation method we offer, but I'm not sure
how to estimate how many.  Do you have a quote on buses for this? 
Presumably it should be a lot cheaper than the day rental for the day trip,
but I don't know how much cheaper - maybe Trimet will still be the cheapest
option anyway.

> My Plan B will not require transportation, but is likely to fall into the
> same price range as McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom (quoted above).  My backup
> plan is to get another park permit (near campus), close it off and hire
> someone (food truck?  caterer?) to provide a BBQ for the group.

>     I estimate our Conference Dinner to cost $9900 USD (NOT INCLUDING
>     TRANSPORTATION), which is +4300 USD of budget.

> I request that $4500 USD be transferred from the day trip budget to the
> conference dinner budget. I'm trying to pad the conference dinner budget
> just a bit just in case I missed something else.

> The remaining $4974 overage I would suggest leaving with the Day Trip just
> in case we decide to do something other than a trip up the Gorge.

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