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[Debconf-team] Sponsorship brochure modification


Regarding the sponsorship brochure:

I have a few comments which are mostly details.

1) page 3
DebConf and Debian
The Bigger Picture

There is an issue with DebConf6 which is separated on two line and has an hyphen:
This is the kind of peer-to-peer networking that makes open source conferences like De-
bConf6 worthwhile.

2) I am concerned about these details at the end:

"DebConf has evolved from humble beginnings in Bordeaux,
France in 2000 with 30 attendees and virtually no budget, to recent years where we accommodate
an average of 250 attendees, with a budget of around $230,000 USD."

My question is where this 250 come from ? Is it the average of attendance of last few years ?

My second question is where this USD 230'000 come from ?

I have just check it was also in the brochure of DC13. For me these number are

3) The brochure size is 1.5 Mo. Would it be possible to make it lighter ? Last
year we had a 0.7 Mo brochure.

What do you think ?


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