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Re: [Debconf-team] IRC Meeting minutes; DebConf 14 dates set

Hi Brian,

On 10/31/2013 08:15 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:
> [..]
> And, I just realized you are probably blocking on an answer to this
> question. I couldn't really come up with an answer so, I'd say
> probably say go with a list of two, so we have brochure.
> For those who haven't looked at brochure recently, the list tony mentioned is:
> More than just talks
> Sponsoring the Debian Conference will help cover the costs of the
> conference and facilitate related activities:
> • Hands-on coding and hacking sessions interleaved with the workshops and talks.
> • (Being removed) Debian Day, an event focused on users and decision
> makers to discover the benefits of Free Software.
> • Planned social interactions to inspire and strengthen collaboration
> year-round.Some ideas I am not happy with:
> Some ideas I came up with (that I don't love, but please feel free to
> run with any that you could work into something useful):
> "Collaborate on big picture issues that just can't easily be done remotely."
> "Meet upstream developers."
> "Meet with downstream developers."
> "Meet with sponsors."
> "Celebrate the diversity of the Debian Development family."
> "Hallway sessions."
> "Team building sessions"
> Anyway, that's all I could come up with, but we do need the brochure
> to be finalized so we can start fundraising.

Thank you for the ideas; I found them helpful.  I ended up changing the
"More than just talks" list to:

* Hands-on coding and hacking sessions interleved with the workshops and

* Collaboration opportunities with upstream and downstream developers

* Team strategy and BoF ("birds of a feather") sessions

* Planned social interactions to inspire and strengthen teamwork year-round

The only other change in this version is to the top line of the
Sponsorship Levels table.  I changed the line:

	Logo on the sponsor web page
	Logo on the sponsor/supporter web page

Based on list discussion, I thought this might be useful if we opt for a
separate page for supporters.  The brochure will still be technically

The changes are committed to SVN.  If anyone on the team finds anything
that needs to change, I'm happy to apply tweaks, but am otherwise no
longer updating the brochure.  As Brian said, time to start the fund


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brochure PDF:

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