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Re: [Debconf-team] Conference bag proposal

begin  quotation  from Brian Gupta (in <[🔎] CACFaiRzqK8an=VGQXkvQcBhismNEsQaqESEdV9rjzAU3u+8Rxg@mail.gmail.com>):
> Current count is 270 attendees, but we still have reconfirmation
> upcoming, late signups, and we historically send bags to sponsors.
> I'd *guess* that 300 should cover it, but any extra time you can give
> us to reconfirm number would really help. (We have a reconfirmation
> deadline in about a week.)
> When do you need a final count?

Yesterday. Time for printing is actually running very short now and I will
send the proposal out at 8:00 UTC today. I will use the count of 300.


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