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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf 13 room planning (talks, hacklabs, bar, ...)

Hi Cate

"Giacomo A. Catenazzi" <cate@debian.org> writes:
> I think we should have the hacklab on the upper floor of Rotonde,
> and two BoF rooms on the lower floor.

And where would you place the 2nd talk room then? I don't think we need
2 official BoF rooms in the lower floor as they would not have video
coverage anyway. I agree that having 1-2 BoF rooms designated is nice
for scheduling, but IMHO these can be in other buildings. We have well
enough rooms for this (1-2 in each building).
> The second hacklab shuould be only a daily hacklab, and possibly the
> silent hacklab (there are rooms on the same building)

For the same reason I don't see a need to have more than 2 "official"
hacklabs. There is enough space everywhere for a silent hacklab.

> I think that Carre' will become (unofficially) also an hacklab during
> the day. Beer and coding!

So you assume that we already settled for Carre as the bar? For the same
reasons as the bar team and Patty mentioned earlier, I would prefer the
upper floor of Rotonde as the bar. Of course only if we can still
garantuee two good talk rooms in this case. Data about the needed size
for the second talk room would really help here to judge which rooms
would qualify.

I agree that the bar is not the most important part of the conference,
but IMO DebConf has a very important social aspect and is more than just
a technical conference. Having a good environment to socialize is
important as well.

> About video: I think additional cams is better than an additional room
> with video (the QA part are very difficult with only two cams)

Do we have input from the videoteam about this?


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