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[Debconf-team] Alioth Project admin for DC14 (was Re: Request to Join Project DebConf Data repository from Kees Cook (kees))

Hi Kees and Vorlon

noreply@alioth.debian.org writes:

> Kees Cook (kees) has requested to join your project. 
> You can approve this request here: https://alioth.debian.org/project/admin/users.php?group_id=30975 
> Comments by the user:
> Hello!
> I will be assisting with the Debconf 14 planning in Portland. Vorlon
> suggested I join this project. :)

I added you to the project. While at it, I also promoted vorlon as an
Admin for the debconf-data and debconf-team projects, so that you can
add local volunteers yourself. This is per the policy we defined last


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