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Re: [Debconf-team] Payment options?

Judit Foglszinger <fgrfgr@freenet.de> writes:

>> I had a very bad experience when doing money transfer from Germany to
>> Swiss for my Nomad Swiss knife:  The banks have taken extra 25 Euro for
>> the about 30 Euro knife.

Philipp Hug is more qualified to talk about this, but when I last talked
to him about this the idea was to allow at least one option that makes
it possible to pay by credit card (most probably through PayPal).

> When I ordered my knife, I got the following instructions:
>> Most banks are capable of performing so-called
>> SEPA-transactions, which are not any more expensive than national
>> transations. Please make sure to ask your bank. 

This is not true for transactions to Switzerland. We already discussed
this at some length last autumn. SEPA is only the technology used and
does not have anything to do with the fees charged. The confusion comes
from the fact that *inside* the European Union banks are not allowed to
charge more for international transactions than for national
transactions and as national transactions are usually free of charge,
most transactions inside the EU are free as well. But note that
Switzerland while at the heart of Europe is *not* an European Union
member state. Some banks don't charge for SEPA transactions to
Switzerland, others do. How much the transaction costs depends on your


> The trick is doing the transfer in euro, 
> regardless of the currency and using BIC/IBAN.
> When asked about transfers in foreign currency, 
> banks tend to only mention the expensive option.
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