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Re: [Debconf-team] Payment options?


Philipp Hug is more qualified to talk about this, but when I last talked
to him about this the idea was to allow at least one option that makes
it possible to pay by credit card (most probably through PayPal).

Yes, we'll allow both Credit Card (PayPal) and wire transfer.

>> Most banks are capable of performing so-called
>> SEPA-transactions, which are not any more expensive than national
>> transations. Please make sure to ask your bank.

Some banks don't charge for SEPA transactions to
Switzerland, others do. How much the transaction costs depends on your

That's correct: European banks are only forced to not charge more than for domestic transfers if the transfer goes into a EU country. As Switzerland is not part of the EU this rule doesn't apply and it's up to the bank how much they charge.
Technically it should cost them the same as any other european transfer as most Swiss banks participate in SEPA.


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