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Re: [Debconf-team] [DC14] Venezuelan team: Team involvement in DebConf

Hi Gunnar,

El 15/03/13 20:34, Gunnar Wolf escribió:
And... One more question: I think that one issue many others will come
back to is also your team's involvement in DebConf. Although you have
several DDs, and several non-DDs who have attended several DebConfs, I
do not remember you having yet been involved in the organization — Of
course, this is not and cannot be a hard issue, and has not been in
the past (we have seen several times over where the local teams are
completely new to Debian, but do great work).

Anyway - We cannot ignore that you are bidding against Portland, and
the main proponents are very long-time related to Debian, and have
been involved with DebConf organization.

How do you think your team can counter or answer to this fact?

I think this is relevant as long as having long term DDs in the main team affects the organization of the event. If that is the case, then we are at a clear disadvantage.

Nevertheless, we have a clear vision of what a DebConf should be in terms of organization, spirit and results. Some of the team members have organized other successful, similar events:

- 6 editions of "Cayapas Canaima", a debconf-like event with hacklabs, talks and BoFs.
 - Debian Day.
 - National Free Software Congress (CNSL).
 - Latin American Free Software Install Festival (FLISOL).

We get the full spectre of the goals to achieve, since DDs, and many of the non-DDs are developers to other local projects that involve Debian packaging flow, ticket triaging, general bug squashing and several other Debian-related processes.

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