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[Debconf-team] EUR currency exposure?

Can the DC13 committee provide any update on exposure to EUR?

Friday's night's Cyprus heist[1] (also referred to as a bank robbery in
some of the press) has raised serious questions over the trustworthiness
and consistency of those running EUR.

In particular, are any Eurozone sponsors on a deal that allows them to
pay in EUR at some future date closer to DebConf?

It is also worth remembering that the value of CHF is currently `locked'
to EUR at a 1.2 exchange rate on the basis that the Swiss National Bank
(SNB) promised to print as many CHF as necessary to match the printing
of EUR.  The question on my mind: would the SNB continue that
arrangement if a fundamental breakdown of trust occurs?  If CHF is
unshackled from EUR between now and August, what is the impact on DC13?

At the very least, I suspect that people paying for their own attendance
may want to consider going to buy some Swiss bank notes now and putting
them in a safe place rather than assuming they will get the same
exchange rate in August.

1. http://rt.com/business/cyprus-bailout-savings-protest-389/

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