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Re: [Debconf-team] URGENT: Open questions about DC12 finances to finish Final Report


Apart from Michaels information I've got no substancial reactions on
this so far.

The problem with this report is not the writing, but having the data -
and I myself don't have it, and cannot do more than I already have to
get it.

I will wait until wednesday 20:00 GMT+1 to get the final ISIC DC12
account data and scans of paper proofs to have exact data of the hotel
payments, if I do not get it by then, I must make a report with an
explicit mention of 40000$ in unclear spendings.

This situation is less than satisfying.


On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Henning Sprang
<henning.sprang@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> To finish the finance part of the DC12 Final Report(miracles sometimes
> need a bit longer to happen...), I urgently need some missing
> information - adding names where I believe to know who can help me,
> but anybody having answers to these questions is invited to step ahead
> :) Thanks in advance!
> * Missing receipts or contract or any formal paper confirming the full
> and total hotel payment
> ** can probably answered by Norman? Or Leo, do you have a copy of this?
> * Missing Up to date isic bank account data with the very latest data
> especially the last hotel payment transfers
> ** that is ~1650$ cash draw for pre-last hotel payment, spi->isic
> transfer for last hotel payment, ~4100$ cash draw for very last hotel
> payment
> ** Norman?
> * Whats the balance of the FFIS DC12 Account?
> ** Joey?
> * what's the balance of the SPI DC12 account?
> ** SPI Treasurer, Michael?
> * Review/help with ledger data: total balance  is about 0, but assets
> look strange - bis minusses on one side, bis plusses still on spi and
> ffis...
> ** can someonelook into this and review the data? Darst? Norman?
> * missing receipts for some "smaller" amounts
> ** Please see missing_receipts.ods in SVN - especially the receipt for
> bags and the tshirts part that has not been paid by SIMAS seems ti be
> missing,
> ** Leo, Norman?
> Please step in to help me gathering the information until end of next
> week, the sooner the better. I will then be able to close the final
> report!
> Gracias,
> Henning
> --
> Henning Sprang
> http://www.sprang.de

Henning Sprang

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