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Re: [Debconf-team] URGENT: Open questions about DC12 finances to finish Final Report

Hi Norman,

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Norman García Aguilar
<norman@riseup.net> wrote:
> I'll go to Seminole tomorrow, the receipts are still in there.

Great, thanks! :)

>> * Missing Up to date isic bank account data with the very latest data
>> especially the last hotel payment transfers
>> ** that is ~1650$ cash draw for pre-last hotel payment, spi->isic
>> transfer for last hotel payment, ~4100$ cash draw for very last hotel
>> payment
>> ** Norman?
> Is it the same as the other one? If you get the hotel receipt, can this point be solved? Looks like yes to me :)

No, that's ISIC Bank account data - the csv exports that they allow.
But I'm not authorized to access the account, and the last data I have
is what's in SVN, it's only up to 2012-07-14 something, when even th
1600$ where in the account.

I entered the final few transfers in ledger as preliminary entries in
a way I *assume* they have happened but without bank account data and
the receipt above this is only guessing.

>> * Review/help with ledger data: total balance  is about 0, but assets
>> look strange - bis minusses on one side, bis plusses still on spi and
>> ffis...
>> ** can someonelook into this and review the data? Darst? Norman?
> Is the info about sponsors bag expenses in the ledger? that was an expense post-debconf and not sure if is recorded in the ledger.

I only recorded things up until the day I left, and only recorded
things materialized in receipts.

But that's not the question. You need to look into ledger and the
assets output to understand:

henning@ubuntu:~/data/produktion/debconf/svn/data-dc12$ ledger bal assets*
        5,976.63 EUR
      -27,187.56 NIO
       -3,897.49 USD  assets
      -27,187.56 NIO
          101.70 USD    cash
       -2,452.18 NIO
          -69.35 USD      cashbox
            8.87 USD      dachenka
       -3,530.66 NIO
          305.50 USD      leogg
      -21,250.00 NIO
       -1,529.00 USD      n0rman
          155.28 NIO
        1,385.68 USD      onsite
        5,976.63 EUR    ffis
        1,836.41 USD    isic
       -5,835.60 USD    spi
        5,976.63 EUR
      -27,187.56 NIO
       -3,897.49 USD

> I'll check the receipts you left me tomorrow, I have it in the office and today I'll not go there. But I think I don't have receipt for bags and tshirts, maybe Leo, he was the one charge of those payments and not me, as far as I can remember.

Maybe there's something in but in general not being in the ledger
means I never received a receipt.
This anyway is the most minor of all these things...


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