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Re: [Debconf-team] URGENT: Open questions about DC12 finances to finish Final Report

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 6:23 AM, Henning Sprang <henning.sprang@gmail.com> wrote:

To finish the finance part of the DC12 Final Report(miracles sometimes
need a bit longer to happen...), I urgently need some missing
information - adding names where I believe to know who can help me,
but anybody having answers to these questions is invited to step ahead
:) Thanks in advance!

* Missing receipts or contract or any formal paper confirming the full
and total hotel payment
** can probably answered by Norman? Or Leo, do you have a copy of this?

* Missing Up to date isic bank account data with the very latest data
especially the last hotel payment transfers
** that is ~1650$ cash draw for pre-last hotel payment, spi->isic
transfer for last hotel payment, ~4100$ cash draw for very last hotel
** Norman?

* Whats the balance of the FFIS DC12 Account?
** Joey?

* what's the balance of the SPI DC12 account?
** SPI Treasurer, Michael?

* Review/help with ledger data: total balance  is about 0, but assets
look strange - bis minusses on one side, bis plusses still on spi and
** can someonelook into this and review the data? Darst? Norman?

* missing receipts for some "smaller" amounts
** Please see missing_receipts.ods in SVN - especially the receipt for
bags and the tshirts part that has not been paid by SIMAS seems ti be
** Leo, Norman?

I don't think I have any receipts, but let me check.

PS. No need to cc me, I'm still suscribed to the dc-team list.
Please step in to help me gathering the information until end of next
week, the sooner the better. I will then be able to close the final


Henning Sprang

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