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[Debconf-team] Questions for travel-sponsorship

[ CCing David as he initiated the original discussion and I'm not sure
if he still reads debconf-team. ]


Last September we had a mailinglist discussion[1] continuing the discussion
from the travel sponsorship BoF during DebConf 12. There was some
discussion about which criteria should be applied to the applications.
But the questions proposed for the application for were mostly
consensual. The idea of asking for references was not discussed much,
but I still think we should try this.


- Total travel costs
- Travel sponsorship requested
- Minimum useful amount (with less than this, I cannot attend)

- What  are your current contributions to Debian?
- How will your attending this DebConf benefit Debian? Examples
  include collaboration with other attendees, giving talks, and
  volunteering at DebConf. 
- Why do you request help paying for your travel costs?

These people can tell the travel sponsorship team more about my current
work for Debian. I asked them to send a signed mail to herb@debconf.org
to support my application.
(Free text field to enter the names)


Now that we are about to configure penta for the upcoming DC13
registration it's time to do the technical implementation. If there is
no new opposition it would be nice to have these questions changed.


[1] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20120826.193146.e5a35437.en.html 
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