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Re: [Debconf-team] Call for volunteers to join DebConf Committee



On Dienstag, 12. März 2013, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> From the people who answered to this mail, and after a brief chat with

> Moray (Holger was not available - Please comment on this!), I suggest

> we add to the Committee:


> • Tiago Vaz

> • Martín Ferrari


very fine with me!


I also agree we should not grow the committee too large, also because we will listen to other peoples input anyway, whether they are committee members or not.


> Others have expressed their willingness to be part of the Committe,

> but we don't want it to grow too much — and to be fair, the

> Committee's "power" is not that much (although its importance is

> high!)


Thanks to all of you who offered to be part of this!




> propose it to be in approx. one week time - So, please confirm your

> availability on the following Doodle poll:


> http://doodle.com/ravtb4tb528npv2t










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