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Re: [Debconf-team] Call for volunteers to join DebConf Committee

Moray Allan dijo [Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 11:18:55AM +0000]:
> Now that we need to make a venue decision for DebConf14, we are
> looking for a couple of new members for the DebConf Committee.
> (...)

...And given we now have a list of volunteers, and have not yet
selected from them, I think it's time to push again :)

I think I'm not disclosing any state secret by first stating that our
confirmed recurring DebConf committee members are:

• Bdale Garbee
• Christian Perrier
• Margarita Manterola
• Guido Trotter
• Ana Guerrero
• Andrew McMillan

We didn't receive an answer from Caroll Comandulli, so we are taking a
"no" - Anyway, thanks for being part of the past years' team, and hope
to continue having you as an attendee+organizer!

As it was pointed out during said private mail exchange, while we
issued a call for people interested in participating, it's the DebConf
chairs (Moray, Holger and me) who must "approve" new candidates for
this committee. But we prefer doing this in a "flatter" way — So,
please, recurring committee members, please comment on the following

From the people who answered to this mail, and after a brief chat with
Moray (Holger was not available - Please comment on this!), I suggest
we add to the Committee:

• Tiago Vaz
• Martín Ferrari

They are both long-time Debian Developers, have attended many DebConf
editions, and have been part of the organization team.

Others have expressed their willingness to be part of the Committe,
but we don't want it to grow too much — and to be fair, the
Committee's "power" is not that much (although its importance is

Also, both for the (confirmed and prospective) committee members: Have
you familiarized with the bids' wiki pages? Is there any aspect you
are curious about that you want to have further expanded? Please ask
questions on list!

Finally, we will have to agree on when to hold a committee meeting, to
formally evaluate both bids and (if possible) decide between them. I'd
propose it to be in approx. one week time - So, please confirm your
availability on the following Doodle poll:


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