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Re: [Debconf-team] DC14 bids: certainty in Venezuela

Daniel Pocock dijo [Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 10:13:35AM +0100]:
> Taking away the Chávez factor (which is obviously not to be
> understated), all these other issues could be raised for just about any
> other country these days:
> (...)
> Given the Government commitment to free software, isn't this the model
> of an independent and therefore stable Government that we all aspire to
> see in our own countries?
> Neither the Venezuelan team nor the wider Debian community should be
> deterred by short term factors, and if anything, now is the time when
> the DebConf committee could well choose to place a big vote of
> confidence - and solidarity - with the Venezuelan local team, their
> country, and their free software strategy.

Right - The factors you mention are not minor, and I hope they are
rightly considered for our decision.

Just as a side note: We have over the years decided that, although we
*do* value holding DebConf in a country/region where it helps
strengthen Debian's (and free software in general's) presence, and
where governments are most sympathetic and committed to free software,
the main goal of DebConf is to *improve Debian*. Strengthening the
local community and the adoption in the guvernamental(?) areas are
nice (and expected) side-effects, but it is not the core reason or
evaluation for our choice.

If we choose Venezuela, or if we choose the USA, it will be on the
basis of what is better for Debian's improvement through a large
face-to-face conference.

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