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[Debconf-team] Question for DebConf13 bids: Costs

It appears (sponsorship team please correct me here), that the
monetary sponsorship brought in for DebConf11 was less than €40 000.

DebConf13 bids: if approximately that amount of money was brought in
from the traditional category of DebConf sponsors, how would you make
the finances balance to allow DebConf to happen in the venue you

Answers might include suggestions of how to reduce costs by going for
less desirable options or removing some items from the budget, and
more-than-speculative possibilities for obtaining local sponsorship,
possibly in-kind.  Simply saying "we will raise much more sponsorship"
does not answer the question. :)

I'll remind you that some past food and accommodation prices can be
found at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/PriceComparison -- and DebConf10
was expensive, so don't try to match it on price, you should be much


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