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[Debconf-team] Question for DebConf13 bids: Accommodation

Sponsored accommodation:

Roughly what is the expected distribution of rooms by room type?
(e.g. single/twin/double/3-/4-person rooms)

What choices on room type and/or quality are available nearer the
time, according to the money we have available?

How flexible is the accommodation provider on room booking, so that we
only pay for beds on nights where they are in use by an attendee?  (As
attendees do not all come and go on the same dates.)

Non-sponsored accommodation:

Normally we have some attendees who would like to stay alongside other
attendees but to pay, perhaps paying more for a single room.  What
options would be available for them in your bid?

Normally we have other attendees who would like to pay for their own
accommodation, and prefer a higher standard than the sponsored
accommodation.  What options would be available for them in your bid,
either as superior rooms in the same place, or other hotel options

Can the accommodation provider deal with payment directly from
attendees who do not take sponsored accommodation?


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