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[Debconf-team] Current DC11 financial status / balance sheet

Total sponsor income pledged:  51,325.42 EUR  (should be static
                                               except for unknown
					       local sponsors)
Total attendee fees so far:     5,051.28 EUR
Est. future attendee fees:         10000 EUR  (but very hard to
                                               amnt from reconf

Total amount in our bank accounts so far:
                                17728.35 EUR

Expenses *so far*:                759.45 EUR

Estimated future expenses:         35000 EUR  (travel sponsorship)
                                    7000 EUR  (other)
                                              (obviously there can be
					      surprises here)

Estimated net surplus:             23000 EUR  (obviously this can
                                               go down fast)

Questions?  Comments?

- richard

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