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Re: [Debconf-team] Getting DebConf attendees reimbursed quickly for travel costs

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 11:49 PM, Richard Darst wrote:

> One of my goals to help DebConf attendees get reimbursed quickly for
> their approved travel sponsorship costs.  There are two parts to this:
> - Getting reimbursement forms in from attendees quickly.  It is
>  DebConf's job to do this quickly, and I am working with various
>  teams to make sure that we get all the forms *during* DebConf this
>  year.

Would it be possible to get and return the forms electronically again?
Dealing with printers and scanners is a pain.

> - Getting money in from sponsors to be able to have money to send out
>  again.  This can sometimes take months after DebConf, though we
>  should be in a better than normal position this year.

BTW, an idea for new sponsors; the Debian derivatives census includes
information about the sponsors for derivatives:


A summary:

Bayanihan: Government: DOST-ASTI, Philippines: http://www.asti.dost.gov.ph
BCCD: Corporate: Intel, Supercomputing Education Program:
BOSSlinux: Government: C-DAC, India: http://cdac.in/
CoreBiz: Corporate: Linux Information Systems AG: http://www.linux-ag.com/
Debathena: Corporate/Govt: MIT: http://web.mit.edu
gNewSense: Nonprofit: FSF
LinEx: Community: CESJE: http://www.cesje.es/
LinEx: Corporate: GPEX: http://www.gpex.es/
LinEx: Government: Junta de Extremadura: http://www.juntaex.es/
SPACEflight: Government: EU/ESF/SAB research project FlexCloud:
Tucunare: Government: Banco do Brasil: http://www.bb.com.br/
Ubuntu: Corporate: Canonical
UniventionCorporateServer: Corporate: Univention GmbH
Vyatta: Corporate: Vyatta: http://www.vyatta.com/

If you find an inaccuracies please let me know. It would also be

In addition, some of the listed derivatves are for-profit, they might
be interested in helping out with sponsorship.

> One possibility to work around the second problem is to use general
> Debian funds as a buffer.  We could reimburse attendees from Debian
> general funds, and then in a month or two, replenish Debian funds from
> our sponsor money.

I'd personally be a bit nervous about this ...

> I am watching DebConf finances closely enough that I think that we
> could track and manage such an arrangement.  Thus, my question to you
> all is:

... but I guess if someone with DebConf finance experience is Ok with
it, I'm happy.

> --> Is this worth pursuing?
> I do *not* know what Debian's non-DebConf assets are, and where they
> are.  Before anyone agrees to this idea, of course we must know the
> details of where money is money is and how much buffer we have (of
> Debian funds, but also sure enough that we will get sufficient sponsor
> money) that this is fiscally responsible.

I guess the Debian auditor (luk) or the DPL will reply to this.



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