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[Debconf-team] [DebConf12] June 11th meeting with Crowne Plaza Hotel

Hotel staff:
- Octavio Gallo; Events Executive Crowne Plaza Convention Center
- Lidia Frech; Corporative Accounts Director Crowne Plaza Hotel
- Raúl Zeledón; Food & Beverages Director Crowne Plaza Hotel

Local team:
- Leandro Gómez (leogg)
- Norman García (n0rman)

1. General
** The Crowne Plaza Hotel will give the local team some photos and videos that we can use for our presentation in Bosnia.
** The Crowne Plaza Hotel will have a free shuttle service from the hotel to Zona Viva (shopping center/entertainment district).
** There will be a DC12 front desk at the hotel check-in desk - if needed.
** The hotel can arrange for some tour operators to give information during DebConf.
** The hotel can arrange for an ambulance/paramedic unit to be present during DebConf, in case we need it.

2. Food
** Restaurante Los Continentes (at the hotel) can only accommodate 60 people.
** We could have lunch at the convention center instead (buffet style) - No extra charge for the additional spaces.
** There will be a varied menu during the two weeks.
** There will be food available for vegetarian / vegan / lactose-intolerant / gluten-sensitive / religious (of any denomination) people.
** Denis (from the DC12 team) will be the point of contact between the hotel and the local team.
** Denis will present several options for "special meals".
** Denis and Raúl will work on a menu for DebConf12.
** "Special meals" won't cost extra.

3. Network connectivity
** Local team will discuss this via mail with Daniel Pinto (network manager at Crowne Plaza).
** Daniel Pinto will introduce the local team to people at ENITEL (the hotel's ISP) in order to see if they can sponsor the event.

4. Accomodation
** Lidia is going to find out the final date when we have to make reservations.
** We don't need to pay in order to make the reservations.
** We can block a minimum quantity of rooms and upgrade (block more rooms) as needed.
** Professional and sponsored atendees can make reservations via web (with a DebConf code).
** The hotel has two rooms ready for handicapped people.
** The hotel has ramps and elevators and all of the common areas are accesible (lobby, restaurants, business center). 

5. Venue
** We made a pre-reservation of 2 hacklabs, 2 conference room + 1 additional (bigger) room for Debian Day.
** Octavio will send the local team a copy of the standard contract.
** We'll need to pay a deposit for the rooms (10%, 15% or 30%) when we sign the contract.
** We can pay the deposit in December 2011.
** Wine & cheese party: They don't really like the idea of people bringing their own food/drink. Basically, they don't want any liability if something goes wrong (someone gets food poisoned and decides to sue the hotel).
** We'll probably have to sign a document in order to have the Wine & cheese party at the venue and pay a small fee.
** We checked the accesibility of the venue. The building has ramps and elevators. All the rooms (both at ground and second level are accesible).

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