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[Debconf-team] Getting people reimbursed quickly for travel sponsorship


One thing people often complain about is the time it takes to get
reimbursed.  To do this, I'm trying to produce this information
sooner, with the expectation that attendees will fill out the forms
and bring receipts to DebConf, and turn it in there, and we can
reimburse immediately after DebConf.

Since I am handling budget and money matters, I looked into this.  I
produced these instructions which we would send to attendees before
debconf, so that they will bring what they need.


I don't know how complete these instructions are - please revise to
make it actually correct.

Since I've been working with the finances of this debconf, I could
handle getting money in the right places and sent.

Who normally handles this?  Any suggestions so far?

If people like the idea of requiring forms be turned in during debconf
and getting reimbursements done fast, I can help make it so, managing
the financial side of things, on-site logistics, as well as getting
things communicated so people don't forget to bring things.

- richard

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