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Re: [Debconf-team] Talks and scheduling update

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 06:53:01PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > The event
> > 	Measuring Team Performance (712)
> > is also very strongly connected to Blends (the effort was actually
> > invented to see how a Blend works but it will be useful for other teams
> > inside Debian.
> humm, this was already tagged as for the «Debian / Society» track. You
> can fight over it with dkg ;-)

There is no need to fight.  As I said it is an offspring from the Blends
effort but when mentoring the project I stressed the idea that we should
make it as general as possible (so you could use the stuff even outside
of Debian if you want and whereever people are using a VCS and a mailing
list for communication).
> > IMHO this would make a reasonable scheduling for the Blends topic in the
> > Morning in the lectures room continuing in the afternoon in the BOF room.
> Now... Please keep in mind you gave me a list of _11_ events (minus
> one, for 712). Regular event duration is 45 minutes (+15 free time),
> so in order to have them all during the same day, it will be over one
> day. Of course, you can talk with some of the authors requesting them
> to shorten the talks and fit them all together (and check with
> videoteam to see what is agreeable to their schedule).

I noticed this.  I just wanted to contradict your statement that we have
only one event in the Blends topic.  My suggestion would be to fill up
the day according to the rating of the events and move the remaining
BOFs to a *later* day.  While there is a chance that
	What about a Debian Physics Blend? (715)
	Bringing together Debian GIS and OSM (742)

might be merged not regarding the topic but the idea of strengthening a
specific field which is quite good covered in Debian with packages *and*
developers, it can perfectly be that every single event will turn in a
long and productive discussion (as I experienced in the past).  In
addition I'm not sure how to attract both target groups under one common
topic.  But in principle I would like to see these both events as
belonging to a similar sub-topic which might make sense to move to the
next day after the Blends track (just a suggestion).
> Anyway, I just tagged them all, we can discuss at the meeting what
> needs to be done.


BTW, I'm quite happy you pushed the scheduling task that far.  Please
keep us informed who we can take over parts of the work effectively.

Kind regards



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