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Re: [Debconf-team] Google in Banja Luka

Quoting Adnan Hodzic (adnan@foolcontrol.org):

> There are two interested people for this talk/lecture: Guido Trotter
> and Jesus Climent
> Guido would be able to stay until Tuesday (26th) while Jesus would be
> able to stay throughout the conference. Is Debian willing/able to
> sponsor travel for either of these?

I think (personal opinion) that both would deserve sponsoring to
attend Debconf even if there wasn't this "Google lecture" event. Both
of them are sufficiently active in Debian to deserve sponsoring.

Of course, this opinion is purely mine and the real stance on it
should be taken by the sponsoring team.

Did Guido and/or Jesus register to attend?

I personnally understand the "political" interest in having such talk
during Debian Day. However, as Tiago said, I think it would be reaaly
much more relevant if given by someone who attends Debconf anyway
(just think about BDales' 'HP and Debian' talks).

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