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[Debconf-team] Google in Banja Luka

For awhile Minister and I thought it would be great if we could have
"Google in Banja Luka" what this would mean is to have a lecture
that's going to talk why "Google uses Linux/Debian" etc ... This
lecture would be held on Debian Day and Minister and I believe it
would get local companies attention and reverse technique to get
people interested in what's Debian as everybody know's what Google is.

I found couple of interested Debian people that are Googlers and would
do this talk, however both of them asked what the sponsorship options
are. We would give them free accommodation/food, but since Debian is
covering the travel reimbursement I was wondering what your stance is
on this one?

They are not asking to be paid for their lecture, just wondering what
the sponsorship options are as they are obviously late for sponsored

One of the question that comes up is "why are we supposed to pay their
attendance fees, they are Google employees!"

It wasn't Google that said we want those guys there to promote our
technologies, it is us that need their help, btw they would ask
absence from their position during their visit.

There are two interested people for this talk/lecture: Guido Trotter
and Jesus Climent

Guido would be able to stay until Tuesday (26th) while Jesus would be
able to stay throughout the conference. Is Debian willing/able to
sponsor travel for either of these?

Let me know what you think,


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