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[Debconf-team] Registration updates


- the about 500 personalized mails were just sent, as you can see

- we removed four people from sponsored, who registered after 19 may
  and took advantage of the bug.  I did not remove it from anyone who
  had first registered before 19 may, even if they weren't sponsored
  before then, since we would have given it to them if they had

  There were four people which this applied to, which isn't too bad.
  Of course, I might have missed people.

- I can send "payment notice" mails soon, perhaps after a day for
  people to fix their registration.  (speaking for myself:) As in the
  past years, the registration will pro-rate professional down to the
  actual cost.  We'll also handle things like people requesting
  sponsorship for camp but not conf, etc.

If anyone would has feedback or changes to these plans, do bring it
up, I am just saying things based on history and not just deciding

- richard

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